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Swinging: the Most Liberating Sexual Experience

Also called “the lifestyle,” swinging must be the most liberating sexual relationship that you can ever have. In this setup, a heterosexual couple engages in non-monogamous sexual acts that include group sex and partner-swapping.

Indeed, it is a revolutionary development from the conventional.This sexual practice is believed to have begun during the 1960s when contraceptives have started to be mass-produced, and antibiotics against sexually-transmitted diseases were discovered. In this kind of sexual practice, it needs to have open-minded individuals before a couple can have a successful swinging undertaking.

Here’s everything that you need to know about ‘the lifestyle’ before joining in the fray.


It Can Make or Break a Relationship

Swinging can be an alternative to consider when your sex life as a couple is failing. After undergoing other methods and your sex life has not yet improved, swinging can be one of the last options. While it can help you have an enjoyable sex life, it can destroy your relationship. Taking time to talk to your partner and mapping out your limitations and conditions can be the best thing to do.

Involving Emotions Is a No-No

Never involve emotions. Swinging should only be sexual and nothing else. When you develop feelings towards your other sexual partners, ‘the lifestyle’ is doomed. You may not know it, but your relationship with your partner is starting to fall completely rather than saving it.

Laying Down Your Conditions Clearly

Making your conditions clear should help you map out your limitations. You may start with a soft swap, so there may be no intense shock to both of you at the very beginning. Soft swap means that you can do all things possible in a sexual act with another partner except penetration. You should reserve the best part of it only to your partner.

How to Look for a Swinger Community

Before, looking for other swingers may be tedious. It may be offensive to directly ask another couple if they are open to ‘the lifestyle.’ Today, however, with the use of social media, you can easily find a community of swingers. You may not have to go to a local bar and spot for prospects. Belonging to a swinging community will let you choose from other couples who are compatible with you and your partner.

Building Friendships Is the Key

why do people become swingersExtending your relationship with other couples so that it is not only limited to sex can give more meaning to your swinging life. Engaging in other interests can help you develop a special bond. While you swing around, doing it with a select few couples may still be the safest way to practice ‘the lifestyle.’