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Different Materials of Sex Toys

Sex toys are the thigh way to ante intimacy in your bedroom. It is also practical to use for masturbation as you want to play with yourself. In this matter, it is not surprising that the purchase of sex toys keep increasing every day. 

When purchasing a sex toy, many people concern about function and maintenance. It can be either vibrate, rotate, swell, pump up, or give a real feeling as the main reason why they buy one. Unfortunately, many people often do not check what they are made of until it is too late. Recognizing the materials of your sex toy is essential. As an example, you need to know what your tanga balls are made from so that it can easily match the size of your penis. Other cases related to melting silicon toys made with silicone lubricant or accidentally boiling wrong plastics would probably disappoint you. Now, we will remind you to check the box to find out what your new best friend’s stuff made of. Below is the quick guide to understanding each material of sex toys.

Silicon Material

Silicone sex toys are incredibly versatile and have a nice semi-realistic texture at a reasonable price. When it does not have wires or a motor, it is easier to take care of using a dishwasher or boil it.

However, remember to use a soap that is acceptable for the skin and rub it with water. Never use silicone lube with your sex toys made of silicon as the reaction might affect the shape. If you want to use it, ensure to use a condom first. Be careful not to spread the lube over the bottom of the condom. Otherwise, it ruins your silicone sex toys.

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Cyberskin Material

Purchasing a fancy sex toy made from cyberskin material feels fantastic, so you indeed might want them to last for a long time. When it is the case, then never use silicone or oil-based lube to your cyberskin sex toy. Rinse the toy using warm water after cleaning it with antibacterial soap every time you use it. Also, the saving technique is vital for cyberskin toys as you have to manage it like a valuable musical instrument. You have to store it in a place with no direct sunlight and 5 to 25 Celcius temperature. Do not forget to wrap it in a soft cloth before putting it there.

Jelly Material

jelly sex toysJelly material sex toys have a softer surface. These thicker toys are cheap and feel good, but they can’t be disinfected entirely because the substance is much more porous. It is then essential to use a condom whenever you use it.

Rinse it with antibacterial soap and water immediately every time you use it. The good thing with jelly material is their flexibility to use whichever type of lube you want. However, no matter how you want to use it, never try to boil the jelly material sex toys. 

Glass Material

Sex toys made of glass can be boiled and pretty nice to look at. Try to heat or cool your sex toy is possible only if the manufacturers say it is safe to do so. However, never try to cool it off with cold water while putting it away. The extra care you need to put a concern while using the glass toy is to inspect if there is a crash. Otherwise, it will break while using it. Be careful to choose where you use because the glass toy is particularly slippery with lube, so the bathroom or on tiled floors should be avoided.