How To Start A Conversation With A Girl


The majority of men are always afraid of beginning conversing with any lady who seems to have attracted his attention. Communication is one of the ways a boy and a girl can get to know each other. Shyness is one of the significant factors that contributes to having a conversion between the two is always difficult. Many queries have been raised on how to start a conversation with a girl. The following are some of the tips to be observed so that a guy can commence a conversation with a girl;

Casual conversation


ghghhghghOne should approach the girl and introduce yourself to her. The presentation should be simple and direct in that one should state his name and politely inquire for her name. An original and kind approach will enhance a conversion.

Inquire how she is fairing on

After knowing one another by name, inquire about the girl’s wellness. One should be a keen listener too. By asking the wellness of a girl, it shows the good intentions you have for wanting to know her.


One should make remarks regarding the weather conditions being experienced at that particular time. The moment she answers back, one is allowed to duel to other topics.

Inquire what she does

By knowing what the girl does for a living will provide a common ground for the both parties involved. Profound questions should be asked to make the conversation more interesting,

Pop culture

Find a way of bringing up the topic of pop culture. By doing so, a guy would be able to get what the lady like and dislikes. For the future date, one will be able to plan with ease.

Forthcoming event

One should name a future event to be it an exam or drama festivals. A relationship of mutual understandings between the two parties is created. Things that both sides like or disliked are well defined.

Friendly conversation

By bringing up the name of a common friend between the two parties, it will make the girl feel comfortable. A topic to talk about is provided.

Common experience

A collective experience should be put forward in that the individual connection between the involved parties will be developed. In the long run, a bond is established.

Interesting questions

jhhjhjhjhjInteresting questions should be put across by the man. These questions will enable the girl to give out more information concerning herself and at the same time, mutual understanding is created. Common interest: If a common interest is discovered is existing between the two parties, a mutual understanding will be immediately be created.