How To Successfully Ask A Woman For A Date


Some people might not know this but navigating through the dating world is not easy. Some people never get turned down but despite what they have to say, asking a lady out is much of art as it is a science. In most instances asking a woman out comes down to that one thing; mojo. Michael Valmont is a dating coach who gives tips on how to successfully date a woman. There will be times when you are feeling it, and there will be times you are not.

Here are a few highlights to guide you when asking a woman for a date.

Confidence: fake it till you make it


Although you might be nervous and you think you don’t stand a chance it’s vital that you are confident when asking her out. Try as much as possible to work on your body language and as much as possible and avoid situations where she might think she’s better than you. Some individuals understand the need for a good body language but take it too far which makes them look arrogant and that’s where the nuances come in.

How you act

You need to strike a balance between how to act like you are expecting a yes and not acting like a total douche. There are many instances where you can be polite and still expect a yes. All you need to do is to look her straight in the eyes and ensure that you stand upright.  Additionally, take all the time you need and don’t fiddle.Afer sometime, it would not cross your mind that you are “acting” confident, but you’ll feel confident, and she will notice.

Ensure you’re always at your best

You need to put your best foot forward if you want to successfully ask a woman for a date and this means being presentable. If you approach a woman with a nappy old t-shirt and saggy sweat pants, then you are more likely not going to stand a chance. It’s important that you dress as you value yourself because any woman will notice the small details like the shoes, pants sweater, etc.

Envision success


If you ask a woman out and you expect that she’s going to say no, then she might exactly do that. Always try to envision success by trying to anticipate what it might be like when she says yes. If at some point you imagine getting tongue-tied or nervous you need to stop and start all over again. At whatever cost never try to memorize your script or rehearse particular dialog because if thing goes south, then you’ll be thrown in a different direction.