Stay Happy In A Relationship

rel3If you are in a new relationship it is important you learn various ways on how to stay happy in a relationship.

Being happy in a relationship is not an easy task. However, healthy couples have learnt how to take ups and downs. They know how to calm the storm. You need to draw inspiration from such couples. The following are some tips to help you keep your relationship healthy and happy:

Communicate openly

The communication style is important than even personality traits, stress or commitment levels in determining the couples that will stay happy. You should note that happy couples do not avoid conflict; they have learnt to keep lines of communication wide open. Best conversations happen without distraction of tablets, laptops, and phones.

Never forget small things

Saying thank you, please and welcome should not be reserved for your company. Manners are very important no matter the duration you have been with your partner. You need to extend the same manners to your partner the same case you would to a guest. Have polite conversations and offer your spouse a drink. Such acts will create a culture of mutual respect.

Exercise together

Recent studies have shown that couples who love exercising together are not only happier and healthier, but are more satisfied with their marriage. The physiological arousal you get when exercising together mimics effects of romantic and sexual arousal. If you exercise together, you will feel in love, and sexy.

Go on Vacation

You need a retreat once in a while. This is a good way of reenergizing your relationship. Think of travelling separately, only to meet at your vacation destination. Eventually, you will return to your spouse enthusiastic, energized, and falling in love than ever.


Laughter has been found to relax your whole body, releases endorphins, and boosts immune system. Laughing and smiling will make partners feel better. Even if both of you are having a tough day, try laughing and smiling even if it is forcing it. The act will make you healthier and happier.

Eat togetherFamily Enjoying A Barbeque

Couples that usually eat together are likely to stay together. Let the supper table be a place for family members and couples to receive nourishment, which can be both spiritual and physical. Always try to eat healthy food together as a way of encouraging good family nutrition. This can also provide a platform for regular conversation and laughter. Try all the above ways on how to stay happy in a relationship, and you will surely succeed.

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