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Reasons People Play Music During Sex

Over recent years there has been a custom of people having sex with some tunes in the background. There are multiple theories as to why this habit is common among many now.  From your daily experiences, you have likely noticed a connection between your environment and your aura. From a holistic point of view, sex and music have a similar link. Different sound frequencies have varying effects on the human body. Some tunes are relaxing, while others may be annoying, depending on the listener. Songs with melodic beats and seductive sexual lyrics are some of the most common during sex.

So, why do some couples prefer playing music while getting nasty? Generally, different people have varying theories. However, here are a few reasons that may interest you.

Music Sets the Mood

sex musicCouples and individuals who enjoy all aspects of a song are likely to understand how music potentially affects our daily lives. Specific songs can either corrupt, awe, relax, or alter our thoughts and actions. With this idea in mind, it’s easier to understand the power of music. Even when preparing a dinner date to make the night enjoyable, some melodic low-volume tunes are often present in the background. Thanks to numerous curators on music streaming platforms, you can quickly find multiple “bedroom” playlists to enjoy with your orgasms.

It’s Relaxing

One of the partners might be in a tense feeling, especially if it’s the first encounter. Listening to the right songs can help people loosen up and ease their tension. To ensure that sex is enjoyable, both parties need to be in almost similar if not the same moods. Some couples claim that listening to music while having sex has a similar stimulation with that of psychedelics. However, many of the people who make this suggestion are music enthusiasts.

Hide Loud Moaning

If you’re looking to hide those loud moans from your neighbors or housemate, playing music should come in handy. Not everyone can hold back moaning from intense intimacy. Additionally, hearing the sounds of your lover can make the experience feel more satisfying.

To Avoid Awkward Silence

Apart from music giving room for moaning, it’s a great way to avoid awkward silence after a steamy session. After giving each other orgasms, some individuals are often short of words. The silence can often leave one skeptical of their performance. With the right tunes playing, couples are likely unbothered by saying nothing.